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WRITING THROUGH CANCER:  Expressive Writing Workshops

6 – 8 weeks.  Weekly two hour writing workshop for men and women living with cancer.  Sharon first developed and led her workshop series in 2001 at what is now Bay Area Cancer Connections in Palo Alto, CA.  She subsequently initiated and led expressive writing programs at Stanford Cancer Center and Bay Area Breast Cancer Network, then Scripps Green Cancer Center and Moores UCSD Cancer Center in La Jolla, CA.  She recently returned to Toronto, Canada and hopes to offer workshops in the Toronto cancer community in early 2018.  .

Sharon is a masterful teacher and guide.. she creates a space of safety, creativity, and healing…Those who write with Sharon begin to make positive meaning out of the difficult journey of cancer, and they also have the opportunity to discover and share a new voice–a voice of strength and story that will be honored in its sharing. It has been such a gift for me to participate in this life-changing group.  

Quite simply, it has changed my life.

Members, Stanford Cancer Center writing group

  • WRITING THROUGH CANCER, online:   Sharon’s blog featuring weekly writing prompts for those suffering from cancer, loss, hardship or any debilitating illness. loss or life’s challenges–available online.  To read and/or subscribe, visit  If you need inspiration to write from any difficult life experience, you’ll find it here.

 …Sharon Bray is magnificent…As a survivor, she understands…thoughts and emotions… in a way others cannot…The Writing Through Cancer program was as important to my personal healing process as any chemotherapy, radiation or medication I received.

–Participant, Scripps Green Cancer Center

     Sharon is an extraordinary teacher, whose gift is to create a setting where anyone, regardless of writing experience or talent, can feel comfortable in allowing his or her personal emotions to find expression in words. This is an unusual gift [and] makes each class a remarkable meeting, where the participants are often surprised at where their writing takes them, the experiences it brings up from memory, the feelings they consequently re-discover.These workshops change the participants. I know, because I am changed myself, and in ways that make me more fully engaged as a person, with others.


Participant, The Writers’ Workshop at Stanford Medical School            

 Sharon Bray is an extraordinary instructor who really knows her subject and makes the effort to know her students  and their capabilities.

–Student, UCLA ext.  Writer’s Program

Sharon is a gifted instructor and guide.  She brings knowledge, experience and sacredness to this process.

–Participant, ”Writing as a Healing Ministry”