Coaching & Contact

You want to write.  You haven’t published before, but you have a story, a personal essay, or a memoir in mind.  You’ve taken a couple of classes, but now you’re staring at the computer screen or a blank page in your notebook, and you’re face to face with the real work of writing.

Writing demands solitude and discipline, but sometimes, you need a little extra nudge, some support, and supportive, but instructional feedback.  It’s hard to stay inspired when you’re working on your own.  It’s difficult to gauge a reader’s experience of your writing.  You’re close to what you’ve written, and seeing it anew, knowing what’s strong or what needs a bit of pruning, enhancing, or rewriting is tough to do alone.

That’s where a writing coach can help.   If you’re ready to seriously try your hand at writing personal essays, life stories, or a longer memoir, perhaps you need the support and advice of an objective, yet supportive, professional.  Sharon assists you in setting goals, meeting timelines, and by offering detailed feedback and encouragement for your written work.  Each coaching relationship is individualized–based on your unique goals and needs and may include:

  • Ongoing coaching re: writing practice, goal setting, & meeting deadlines on a monthly fee basis
  • Reading of work-in-progress, critique and feedback (per page rate)
  • One to one consultation, in person or by telephone, (hourly rate)

For more information or to discuss your goals & needs, contact Sharon by email: