Coaching & Contact

You want to write.  You haven’t published before, but you have a story, a personal essay, or a memoir in mind.  You’ve taken a couple of classes, but now you’re staring at the computer screen or a blank page in your notebook, and you’re face to face with the real work of writing.

Writing demands solitude and discipline, but sometimes, you need a little extra nudge, some support, and supportive, but instructional feedback.  It’s hard to stay inspired when you’re working on your own.  It’s difficult to gauge a reader’s experience of your writing.  You’re close to what you’ve written, and seeing it anew, knowing what’s strong or what needs a bit of pruning, enhancing, or rewriting is tough to do alone.  It’s possible a writing coach can help.

Sharon occasionally offers developmental coaching, review and feedback on work-in-progress to individuals as her schedule permits.  To inquire,  contact Sharon.