Suggestions for Writing  (.com), originally began as a site for anyone living with cancer, but many of the prompts and themes are equally appropriate for anyone trying to make sense of life hardships. I offer thematic reflections and a number of writing prompts twice-monthly for anyone wishing to write from illness, trauma and pain (some of which were previously featured on the were previously featured at the Greater New York City Susan B. Komen organization).

In 2009, I was diagnosed with heart failure, a progressive condition my cardiologist believes may have been the result of my radiation therapy many years earlier. I was inspired by my doctor and the Canadian Heart Failure community to begin a new blog, in the summer of 2018, For the past two years, my posts were devoted to living with heart failure and other cardiac conditions, but as I have experienced again and again in the writing groups I lead, writing about illness is, ultimately, writing about life. As a result, I’ve decided to shift the focus from the mechanical to n the metaphorical heart, and the life memories and experiences we carry “in our hearts.” Stay tuned for the re-visioned blog site,, later in September, 2020.

I welcome the comments and the experiences of my readers.

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