Welcome!   You may have found your way here by design or accident, but most likely because you have an interest in writing.  Perhaps you’re looking for a class or workshop.  Maybe you have a writing project in mind but need additional support to turn it into something that’s publishable.  Or perhaps you, like so many others, have begun to write out of pain or struggle, using writing as a way to make sense of life’s hardships, and you’ve tired of those solitary journal entries.

Whatever your goal, writing is one of our most accessible art forms.  Browse the internet for information on writing, and you’ll discover a wealth of resources for the budding writer.  Some of us not only write, but delight in teaching and encouraging others who wish to write.   I’m one of those–a writer, and author, but also a teacher.  I invite you to explore my site and learn more about me, my work, workshops and classes I teach and other ways I support new and emerging writers.

Best wishes,

Sharon Bray. Ed.D.