When life hurts, writing can help…

Welcome!  You may have found your way here by design or accident, but most likely because you have an interest in writing, or  you’re searching for a writing a class or workshop.   Perhaps you, like many others, have experienced a difficult chapter of life, whether life threatening illness, sudden loss or painful events, and you’ve begun writing as a way of release and making sense of life hardships, but you want to do more than continue to journal.

Whatever your goal, your interest in and desire to write may have led you here.  By way of introduction, I’m someone who loves to write, has written books and taught courses for helping professionals and new writers.  I delight in teaching and encouraging others who have the desire to express themselves in writing.  For the past many years, I’ve focused on writing as a way of healing, designing workshops, classes and authoring a blog for those individuals whose writing has been inspired by illness, hardship and suffering.   I’m pleased you’ve stopped by to explore my site.  Welcome!

Sharon Bray, Ed.D.

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